Support and Supervision

Enabling you to understand and apply psychology in your practice, improving performance.

Individual Support for Athletes

Exemplar of what individual support for athletes can look like

Individual Support for Coaches

The two main factors we support coaches with are attention and focus.

2. Team & Organisation Support
ongoing support/ developing curriculum

This can involve ongoing support or developing a curriculum specific to the needs of the organisation.  A detailed example of this kind of work can be found in the portfolio.

A picture of a team huddle before a soccer game
A birds-eye view of a team working on their laptops and devices

3. Corporate Consultation
working in a pressurised environment

People in strategic leadership positions often have the same pressures as sports people. These pressures can include how to perform in your role, how to create an effective team and how to develop a vision, mission and strategy. Learning from sport environments can help individuals working in the corporate sector. Click the button below to explore a case study of this type of support.

Framework for Corporate Support

The following is an example of what our Corporate Support can look like.

4. Supervision
for sports psychologists

Are you an aspiring Sport Psychologist? Have you completed an MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology and are asking yourself the question what will I do next? As a British Association of Sport & Exercise Science (BASES) and American Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) supervisor I personally provide supervision to aspiring practitioners. If you would like to discuss supervision pathways please get in contact.

A picture showing tow people at a laptop, taking individual notes

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